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Adventure Holiday IN CANADA

Fly in fishing Canada Adventure Tours

Canoeing, hiking, outpost cabins and more.

Explore Muncho Lake, Nahanni and the Alaska Highway route in the Northern Rockies.

Explore Canada's northern Rocky Mountains and the Muskwa Kechika Wilderness Area with one of our spectacular floatplane tours: fly-in fishing adventures, log cabin getaways, wildlife viewing safaris, Nahanni National Park excursions and more!

If you are travelling the Alaska Highway and need accommodation, anytime of the year, for a night please click here for our Muncho Lake Hotel & Lodge.

Northern Pike Fishing

BC Fly In Fishing Trips

Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden.
World class fishing in the unspoiled wilderness of the Muskwa/Kechika in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Choose from over 70 remote lakes and streams to fly out daily from our comfortable lodge to experience incredible fishing where very few anglers have been before.   Read more…

Wilderness Log Cabin
Outpost Log Cabin Wilderness Getaway
Escape to a remote mountain lake where a stay at one of our secluded outpost cabins allows you to truly experience nature.  Enjoy spectacular mountain scenery and boating, canoeing, hiking and wildlife viewing for moose, caribou and eagles.  Superb fishing for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Dolly Varden and Arctic Grayling depending on the outpost cabin you choose. Read more…
Bush Flying in Canada
Bushpilot Adventures and Floatplane Training
Floatplane training and bush flying in Canada's North, at the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska Highway area. Join us on one of our backcountry charter flights in the northern Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories. Floatplane tours, seaplane ratings and bush pilot experiences. Read more…
wildlife viewing

Northern Rocky Mountains Wildlife Viewing Safaris
Enjoy wildlife-viewing in British Columbia's most spectacular wilderness area, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Be one with nature as you view the diversity of wildlife and scenery in the remote Muskwa-Kechika – the “Serengeti of the North”. Read more…

Wilderness Canoeing - Nahanni National Park
Unguided Wilderness Canoe Trips
Canoeing Tours in Nahanni National Park and the Muskwa/Kechika Wilderness area (Gataga River, Tuchodi River, Netson Lake/Rabbit River) and on the Turnagain offer a truly northern wilderness experience. Read more…
Virginia Falls - Nahanni National Park
Nahanni National Park Flightseeing
Visit Virginia Falls in Nahanni National Park while travelling the famous Alaska Highway!  Fly out from our beautiful lakeside mountain retreat, the Northern Rockies Lodge, to the internationally renowned Nahanni, Canada's first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in the nearby Northwest Territories.  Enjoy the breathtaking view and thunderous roar of iconic Virginia Falls. Read more ...
Safari and Sightseeing

Daily Rocky Mountain Flight Seeing Tours

Soar over the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy spectacular views from your floatplane. See beautiful glaciers, pristine valleys and remote lakes. Savour the natural beauty of Northern B.C. Combine your flight seeing tour with a fishing or hiking trip in the Muskwa-Kechika area. Read more ...

Northern Rockies Lodge Flyby

Northern Rockies Fishing & Adventure Vacation

Visit the largest protected wilderness area in British Columbia, Canada! Experience the grandeur and serenity of Canada's northern Rocky Mountains. Enjoy world class fly-in fishing on over 70 lakes and rivers in the Arctic and Pacific watersheds. Be one with nature as you view the diversity of wildlife and scenery in the remote Muskwa Kechika - the "Serengeti of the North". Relax at our magnificent lakeside mountain retreat close to the "Land of the Midnight Sun". Let us make this your trip of a lifetime!

If you are travelling on the Alaska Highway and need year round accommodation please click here for our Muncho Lake Hotel & Lodge.